Drive in more User Interaction and Insights by means of Appropriately Designed Email Surveys


Effectively crafted surveys is a must have in a powerful email marketing strategy and one must be well educated about the benefits surveys could potentially reap in terms of campaign performance, customer insights, brand retention and loyalty, trend analysis etc. The marketer should also be well aware of how to design effective email survey strategy. Survey driven user interactions will ...

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How iCubes helps users in doing Omni-channel and Device Specific Retargeting with Cross Platform Customer Insights


The ultra-modern buzzwords you hear all day in email marketing are just tending to get real! iCubes is geared up to take the email world through storm the way their esteemed clients handle email big data and conducts customisable campaigns. The marketers can now do omni-channel retargeting through Facebook integration feature, device specific retargeting through mobile app re-directs (iAppLinks), and ...

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Benchmarks for Choosing an Email Service Provider for your Business


Be it small business, mid-market level organisation or an established enterprise, deciding on the benchmarks for choosing an email service provider for your business is an ever challenging task, keeping in mind the choices available in the market. Whether or not an ESP suits your organisation is a question to be answered by your decision making team. Email is a ...

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