Should You Resend Promotional Emails to Increase Campaign Performance?


This is a considerable case, especially in the eCommerce business. People receive tons of emails in their filtered up promotional email tab every day. So, chances are little to open up all the promotional newsletters sent by eCommerce marketers. Experiencing lower open rate is quite usual in email campaigns. But, it’s certain that there is no other bet than finding ...

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Strategies you should Consider to Improve Email Deliverability


According to researchers, only 76% of emails get delivered. So, what happens to the rest? A detailed study is certainly needed. And from the study conducted we have noted down few strategies that you should practice to ensure better email deliverability. Email might be the best convertible digital marketing tool. But the same looks futile if it fails to get ...

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Do you have an email marketing strategy?


Do you  have an email marketing strategy? No problem even if you don’t have one. We can help you there! Founding a startup and fueling it all through its run for an upgraded performance is always a hard knock considering the market competency. There you need to come up with different ideas for boosting your company’s visibility and thus customer ...

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How to Improve CTR in Email Marketing?


Email still remains as the majesty even though the alternatives struggle to show up sparkling outputs whether the scenario is B2B or B2C. And that’s why email marketing unequivocally looks the best approachable elucidation. Still, entrepreneurs are struggling to get an edge lacking the best email marketing tips to empower their businesses. If you’re a marketing geek, this would be ...

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Tips to Create Effective and Interactive Welcome Emails


You might have noticed your inbox popped up with a welcome email as soon as you have subscribed to a particular web or mobile platform where you realize the genuinity of the platform you signed up with. A welcome email is obviously an ineluctable strategy in corporate or customer-centric culture. Being one of the best tools in digital marketing for ...

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Handshake Social Media and Email Marketing for Enhanced Customer Reach


Keeping social media and email as two separate entities in your marketing is no more a smart approach. A mixed strategy integrating the benefits of both would generate wider reaches and consequently, better sales. Widespread use of social media in email campaigns not just makes the consumers more engaged with your email campaign but also augments your brand reach (an ...

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